2017 Sports Carnival

Thank you to all the staff, students and Leeming Primary School community for supporting this year’s sports carnival. A lot of hard work went into preparing the students and the grounds for this event and everyone enjoyed the day. Here are some photos from the day and a couple of recounts from Rm 12 students. We hope to have a slideshow of the presentations in the office over the coming weeks.

Our Sports Carnival by Leila Room 12 Year 2

On Wednesday, the 18 October we had our sports carnival.  We went to get our hair sprayed or face painted at the start.  Then the whole school got into their factions at the quadrangle.  When we were starting our march, Murray went first, Canning went second and Swan went third.

We had the running races first. In my race, I came third! The team games we did were the clock relay, circular leader ball, bean bag bucket, sack race, egg and spoon and bean bag in a hoop. 

After lunch, we had the shuttle relays.  I had fun cheering for my team.  The last relay was the grand relay.  I got to be in it!  I ran really fast and Swan came third! My mum and dad said that I did a great job! It was one of the best carnivals ever! I loved it! In the end, Murray got the first place, Canning was second and Swan was third.

Edited by teacher and student


Our Sports Carnival by Jay Room 12 Year 3

On Wednesday October, we had our sports carnival.  Before we started, we all met up and got into our factions.  First we marched around the oval in our factions.

Next, the Year 2 students had the 75 metre running race.  Then we had the 75 metre race for the Year 3.  I was in it and I came third.  When we had the presentation, I got to stand on the podium.  After that, we had recess. 

Then, we had the 200 metre running race and I came third again.  After lunch, we had the team games.  We had leaderball, pass ball, star relay, shuttle relay and grand shuttle relay.

Finally, they announced the champions and runner-ups for each year group.  And I got runner-up for Year 3 boys.  I felt so happy and my whole family was so proud of me.  Now, at home I have 9 ribbons and a medal.

Finally, we moved on to the team games.  We did star relay, leader ball and pass ball.  In the end, I was the champion boy for Year 3.  I felt very proud of myself for getting a medal.

Edited by teacher and student